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This website uses different categories of cookies (subject to your consent when it is required) on your device to recognise your device's browser for as long as the cookie concerned is valid. The cookies policy applies to any product or service that links to this policy or incorporates it by reference.

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The CNIL (French National Commission on Informatics and Liberty) defines a cookie as ‘a small text file left on your hard drive by the server of a site you visit. It contains certain data, including:

  • the name of the server that created it
  • very often a unique number as a user name
  • sometimes an expiry date


This information is stored on your computer as a simple text file to which a server has access in order to read and save information.
A cookie is always associated with a unique domain name (that of the server which left it) so that only a request from the same server can have access to it.’
Our site features a system of cookies. The user is therefore informed that cookies can be automatically installed on their internet browser when they visit the site.

Cookies are files sent to a user’s hard drive to make it easier for them to browse a site and for traffic statistics to be acquired or targeted advertising to be introduced based on the user’s browsing habits.

These cookies never contain personal data.

However, the user can block cookies by changing their browser settings.


Cookies used on our website are employed in different ways:

1. Anonymous cookies for analysing traffic and use of our online services

Cookies for statistics on browsing are used to measure our websites’ traffic (e.g. number of visits, average time users spend on the site, features on which they click, etc.). The purpose of these cookies is to improve our website constantly, to ensure that it best meets your requirements.

Cookies that analyse traffic remain strictly anonymous. They cannot be used to identify a visitor or collect their personal data such as their name or IP address.


2. Cookies for remembering sign-in information

On some of our websites you are required to enter information that identifies you so that you can sign in to certain accounts or enjoy access to some services . These websites use cookies that remember details for signing in to your account or for using a special service.


3. Third-party cookies (advertising)

Most of our web-based advertisements are displayed on sites not belonging to DS. There they are arrayed by third parties such as advertising agencies. These third parties use their own cookies to measure how many people have viewed or clicked on a given web banner. These cookies left by third parties depend on the cookies policy of the company who left them. DS Automobiles does not have the access rights to read or create these cookies.


4. Other third-party cookies

DS Automobiles UK uses other third-party cookies to analyse an internet user’s browsing habits on our sites to prompt the user to request, for example, a brochure or a test drive when appropriate. We or our IT service providers produce these cookies to measure traffic to our site’s different sections and content so that we can appraise use of these features and thereby organise them better. These cookies also detect any browsing problems and so serve to improve the user-friendliness of our services. These cookies only produce anonymous statistics on traffic and exclude any personal data. They are also used to personalise our sites based on anonymous data collected from our different web pages. The lifespan of these traffic-measuring cookies is no longer than 90 days.

5. Flash cookies

The site uses Adobe Flash Player to display some of our content. To improve user experience, ‘local shared object’ cookies are used to provide certain features. These flash cookies are not managed by your internet browser but by Adobe Flash Player. Adobe’s website explains how these cookies are used:

Ici manque le tableau que je n'ai pas eu le temps d'incorporer, voir cette page :

Cookies are left in a special folder on your computer according to the web pages you have visited. They are capable of remembering:

  • The web pages you have visited recently
  • The products in which you are interested
  • The computer terminal settings (language, country, operating system, browser, etc.) to optimise display next time you visit our sites


DS Automobiles targeted advertising:

The service CentralTag has been appointed by DS Automobiles for internet users to receive targeted advertisements based on their most recent browsing trends (for example, an interest shown in a vehicle while browsing the DS Automobiles sites.

Given that CentralTag is a member of the NAI (Network Advertising Initiative), you can also unsubscribe at

If you would like our site to no longer collect Krux third-party cookies you can deactivate these cookies at

Visit  to learn more about online behavioural advertising and blocking options related to other companies that are members of the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau).

If an internet user leaves the programme, will that user still receive advertisements?

Yes, it is possible that advertisements will continue to appear, although they will no longer be based on the user’s interests.